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What Is A Short Sale?

In order to understand short sales, also known as "short payoffs" and "pre-foreclosure" sales, we must first describe the meaning of "short sale". A short sale is defined as the negotiation of the transfer of ownershop of real property with a mortgagee (lender/Bank), also know as the benficiary, when the property is financially over-encumbered with monetary liens/loans. These sales are usualluy consummated for a "considerable discount" versus market value. In these cases, the lenders/Banks agree to the sale of a subject property whereby the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to pay the balance in full. A short sale is an option to Mortgagors who can no longer afford their property or are unable to continue to maintain the home and desire to sell. The lenders/Banks agree to pay Real Estate Commissions, closing costs, delinquint property taxes, delinquint HOA fees and or violation fees.


The Importance of Hiring a Short Sale Specialist

All REALTORS are not created equally! It's a fact that specialist make more money that general practioners. For example, doctors and lawyers who specialize in a specific fiield of expertise bill out higher rates per hour. I am a Certified Short Sale Agent (CSSA). I have the knowledge, tools, resources, and techniques to negotiate and close short sales. Over the span of my Real Estate Careers, I have been able to forge serious working relationships with Bank negotiators. From marketing to negotiating with the lender/Bank, I will help you avoid the strees and pitfalls of this complicated process. I have a full time assistant dedicated to following up with the lender/Bank to avoid any unnecessary complications. Our goal is to provide you the fastest short sale approval available! I have also taught the "Short Sale" class to new and veteran agents at Keller Williams Roseville, the #1 Brokerage in Northern California!


How Can I Help? - Knowing the 7 Stages of the Short Sale Process:

1. Determine the Property's Value

2. Acquire the Listing

3. Obtain Necessary Seller Paperwork

4. Request the Lender "Sale/Demand Statement"

5. Calcualte the Lender Pay Off

6. Complete the HUD-1 Sellers Net Proceeds Statement

7. Submit Required Lender Documents for a Short Sale Request


10 Frequently Asked Questions (Click on the Link for Immediate Answers):

1. What is a Deficiency Judgement? Deficiency Judgments and Califonia Law!

2. How Can I Determine If I Am Liable For A Deficiency Judgment?

3. What Is My Tax Liability (1099 For Gained Income) & The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007

4. What are the Most Typical Short Sale Questions? (35 Questions Answered)

5. What are the other Foreclosure Options Available to me?

6. What is the Timeline for a Foreclosure in California? 

7. What is a Broker Price Opinion (BPO)?

    Answer: The BPO, or Broker Price Opinion, is a tool used by lender and mortage companies to value properties in situations where they belive the exepnse and delay of an appraisal is not necessary. Real estate brokers are given and order to do a BPO by the lender, mortgage company or loss mitigation company.

8. What is Srategic Default?

    Answer: There are are individuals who, by standards defined by banks and lenders, have the ability and means to pay on a mortgage loan but have chosen not to do so, thereby defaulting on their home.  These folks have been tagged a strategic defaulter

9. Is it too late? Am I in Foreclosure? (FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW IMMEDIATLY)

10. What are the fees to me? That's the best part, the lender/bank pays all of the fees! 

Short Sale Documents (Click On Icon):

HP-Documents-Folder-Dock.pngLetter Of Authorization HP-Documents-Folder-Dock.pngExample Hardship LettersHP-Documents-Folder-Dock.pngExample Financial Worksheet Form

HP-Documents-Folder-Dock.pngShort Sale Checklist     HP-Documents-Folder-Dock.pngExample Approval LettersHP-Video-Folder-Dock.pngShort Sale Listing Presentation



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Short Sale Links:


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