Real Estate: Executive Representation

Bio & Mission Statement

Why I choose this career:

After completing 5 years of Service in the United States Navy as an Intelligence specialist, I felt it was time to use the tools of Leadership, management, motivation, and organization I acquired as a stepping stone for success in the Civilian business world. After researching various business professions my career decision was a toss up between marketing and sales. Since the Real Estate profession yields both vocations, as well as financial independence, I felt it was the most likely path for my success. I also felt drawn to real estate because it involves working closely with people and allows for an adjustable work schedule. I enjoy providing people with the same level of honor and commitment I learned from serving our great Nation.

My Professional Principles:

See your work as your passion: A little of what you fancy does you good

For as long as history tells the story, we have suffered in our work, equating pain with work and pleasure with home. We must shake loose this attitude that announces that our source of livelihood has to be hard in order to be worthwhile. If you are having fun and enjoy work, abundance will follow.

Develop a burning desire to succeed: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

You must desire your objective so fiercely that you are willing to persist time and time again in the face of defeat.

Be an Independent Thinker: Life is what you make of it

Let your dreams happen by tapping creative visions and forgetting the negative opinions of others.

Have a positive attitude: Count your blessings

A positive attitude is contagious! Seek out people and circumstances that influence you positively

Be self-disciplined: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again

     Get there early and keep regular work hours!

Be ethical: As you sow, shall you reap

Representing the client is first and foremost. Never rush clients through the process. Focus on providing integrity at every step of the transaction.

Have good people skills: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Be a counselor, a friend, a strong negotiator, an analyst, a facilitator, listen, give attention, and solve problems


Mission Statement:

A)    To provide a Fresh Approach in the Real Estate Profession!

B)    To render quality professional services to clients

C)    Provide outstanding fiduciary obligation

D)    To discard outdated high-pressure sales models

E)    To extend a new model in the way fellow agents are treated

F)    To discard salesmanship and competitive attitudes while practicing a high-integrity level of professionalism with pride!


What is my Fresh Approach?:

A)    Dealing with clients and peers in a more authentic and professional manner

B)    Provide clients with the quality service they deserve

C)    No fancy-talk only truths

D)    No High pressure sales scripts or other trickster routines

E)    To provide clients with respect and reliable guidance

F)    To appreciate the client’s decisions even if they differ with my own

G)    To do my best to take away the stress while giving clients the space and support needed to make well-informed decisions.

H)    To be honest and to put clients interest first

I)     To be a facilitator and not a salesperson


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